Monday 20 April 2009

Question time #43 resolved

Question time #43 resolved : near enough anyway, between James and Henry. BUT I'm not prepared to hand out the mythical chocolate fish because neither answered all three questions to my satisfaction.
1. What sort of engine: I guess radial is correct based on the wording of the question. But what I really wanted was Vedeneyev M14 variant.
2. Registration. ZK-PTS is 100% correct.
3. Pitts 12 (Two "T"'s please James - That saved me a fish).
Does anybody know if it has flown yet ?


  1. Hey

    I had guessed that it would be a Pitts Special or something close.

    Any idea how horsepower that radial engine is putting out?


  2. I have it on good authority this beast has not yet flown, cheers Mike