Monday 6 April 2009

Final Permutation of ZK-C,W and O (There is no ZK-OWC)

Following on from my last post on the many variations of registrations of ZK-C,W and O, and Blue Bus's post on the original ZK-COW, I thought I would complete the permutations by posting ZK-CWO. This was the first Bushby Midget Mustang in New Zealand (c/n AACA 22/1) and was registered to Harold Blair of Wellington on 2/68. This was a very advanced homebuilt for its time and probably would have been the first all metal homebuilt in New Zealand.

Unfortunately ZK-CWO came to an untimely end when it crashed on its first flight from Paraparaumu airport in December 1972. Mr Blair had invited quite a lot of his friends to watch his first flight, and the ensuing crash landing featured prominently in the newpapers of the day. I understand that on take off problems occurred when he ran through some puddles on the runway, and the plane crash landed just off the airport in some lupins in the sand dunes. Mr Blair was not hurt but the plane was badly damaged. It was cancelled in 8/76.

I was a member of the Wellington chapter of the Amatuer Aircraft Constructors Association at the time, and from what I saw the aircraft was well built, as Mr Blair was a panelbeater and used to working with metal. The aircraft also had a nice colour scheme of 2 tone metallic blue which you will have to imagine from the photo. It also had wheel spats when it crashed.

Does anyone out there have a better photo of ZK-CWO? If so I would love a copy.

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