Sunday 5 April 2009

Gone offshore.

Pacific Aerospace 750XL ZK-JIF c/n 153, registered to PAC on 04-02-09, pictured here under construction at Hamilton on 23-02-09 was cancelled from the NZ register on 27-03-09 to become VH-YIF with Australian Air Ferry.

A second 750XL was cancelled during March. ZK-JDQ2 c/n 139 first listed to PAC on 12-02-08 and transferred to GoSky AG on 18-04-2008. It trundled off across the ditch from Hamilton to Auckland to Lord Howe Island on 22-04-2008. To the Gold Coast on the 23rd and to Darwin on the 24th. Its ZK registration was cancelled on 18-03-09. From this I assume that the European certification has come to pass. Anybody know what its new registration is ?
Polikarpov I-16 Type 24 Rata ZK-JIN c/n 2421319 (the one coded "Red 9") was cancelled on March 12th as exported having joined the Alpine Fighter Collection on 09-10-1997. Anyone know where it's gone ? The above pic at Wanaka on 08-10-08.
Built by Brian Horne from a kit obtained in 1993, this Lycoming IO-360 powered Stoddard-Hamilton SH-2 Glasair Super 11 FT ZK-REH c/n 2138 was registered on 26-02-2002 and first flew that September.
It ferried out of Kerikeri for Norfolk Island on 23-02-09, to Lord Howe Island on the 24th and from Coolangatta to Perth on the 25th. Cancelled on 06-03-09 it became VH-PND on 16-03-09 and is listed to Famdenz Pty Ltd and operated by Alfred Tucker
With the personalised registration of ZK-RFN this Mooney M2oC Mk21 , c/n M20C-2184, was registered to Richard F Neave of Auckland on 06-03-1987. After a rebuild it first flew here on 24-04-1988. Wellington Aero Club took it on from 16-09-1997. It was flown from Wellington to Kaitaia, to Norfolk Island and Coolangatta on 03-03-2007. Ownership passed to Stephen Ritchie of Lower Hutt on 13-03-08. It has been parked up aat Murwillumbah for some time. Its ZK registration was cancelled on 18-03-2009.

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  1. The PAC 750XL VH-YIF is heading for the USA.

    Link to company delivering the 750XL