Tuesday 28 April 2009

Jetstream 41 ZK-JSM gone.

The last of our British Aerospace Jetstream 41's ZK-JSM , c/n 41052 , has been cancelled from the register. A product of early 1995 it first appeared with the test registration of G-4-052 to the manufacturer, British Aerospace PLC at Prestwick having its first flight on 10-03-1995.

An undercarriage retract at the start of its delivery flight from Prestwick on 07-04-95 saw its delivery departure delayed until 29-04-95 when it nipped across the Pond to become C-FTVN with Air Atlantic (1995) Ltd at Halifax, Nova Scotia.

It ferried into Nelson on 25-01-2002 to become ZK-JSM on 07-02-2002 with Origin Pacific Airways. It was re-listed to Honk Aviation of Auckland on 15-09-2006 and departed Nelson on 17-09-2006 for Auckland and then on to Tonga and NZ cancellation on 22-09-06 as it became A3-XRH with Peau Vava'u Airline. From November 2006 until February 2007 it was parked up at Ardmore during civil unrest in Tonga. It returned there only to have the airline go defunct in January of 2008. It returned to Auckland and Nelson for storage on 09-04-2008. It was re-registered back to ZK-JSM with Honk Aviation on 09-12-2008. A post storage test flight was carried out on 07-01-2009 with an acceptance flight on 03-04-2009.
Finally departed Neslon for Auckland and Norfolk Island on 04-04-09 and onward to Brisbane and Townsville the next day. Here it was repainted before moving onward to someplace in Africa.
Top pic shows it withdrawn at Nelson, minus prop, on 14-12-2005.
Pic below shows A3-XRH at Nelson on 20-05-2008 following its return from Tonga.


  1. Just saw a Jetstream with the underwing registration ZK-JSM doing repeated tight circles over the Hutt Valley.

  2. Cancel my previous post. A better look at the picture reveals it to have been 'JSH