Sunday 19 April 2009

Question time #43

The questions are :- What sort of engine makes this wing work ?
If you know that - then you will know the registration !
& if you know that, then you will be able to tell us what aircraft type you are looking at.


  1. It's not a Stearman, is it? No idea of rego though...

  2. You are correct there Rodney.

    It is not a Stearman

  3. Pits Model 12, John Eaton, reg PTS, as pictured in Sport Flying :-) No idea on engine, large radial of some description I expect.

  4. Yes. As James said. ZK-PTS Model 12 - With a Vedeneyev M14P 360–400 hp Russian radial engine at the front - I do believe.