Sunday, 9 January 2011

ZK-MCV then !

 Cessna A185F Skywagon 11 c/n A185F-04395 , was listed as N714FV to Cessna in October 1982.
 It was ferried into Christchurch from via Pago Pago on 29-11-1986. The above two shots show her in the Mount Cook hangar at Christchurch on 28-11-1986. Now thats interesting - If I took the photos on the 28th - and it didn't arrive until the 29th ?
 On 09-12-1986 (the day it was registered to The Mount Cook Group) it was wearing its MCV marks. Note the Ministry of Transport, Civil Aviation Division, Calibration Flights Fokker F27 ZK-DCB with Mount Cook Airlines titles on the lower fuselage. (Mt Cook had it from 03-11-1986 until returning it to MOT, CAD Cal Flight on 21-01-1987).
Above : As seen in an interim colour scheme at Tekapo and wearing fleet number 39 on 05-02-1987.
Above : Looking down from the "Tower" at Mount Cook on 09-04-1994. A seldom seen angle - one good for the model maker ! With Mount Cook Airline titles.
Ownership moved to Tourism Holdings on 30-06-1998. Above : As seen on 11-12-98 at Mt Cook; with Mount Cook Skiplanes titles, but minus that Lilly.
The latest ownership change was to Aoraki Mount Cook Ski Planes Ltd on 20-12-2002.
As seen above in the maintenance hangar at Mt Cook on 15-08-2006. With Mount Cook Ski Planes titles.


  1. you've gone this far.... you might as well do MCR too ! and of course CBS...

  2. That last picture shows it modified to suite the Greenies.
    Very low carbon emissions and reduced decibel readings.

    Good work.
    Warwick B

  3. Hey cessna185.
    You are "Johny on the spot"

    Is Gary working ZK-BYJ out of Waiho, meat bombing ?

    I will consider doing MCR & CBS. Its a time thing you know: & I do have a day job - So this blog is all for kicks.

  4. MCK there now on bombing. CBS was but maybe the 180 now a backup ?