Sunday 9 January 2011

ZK-MCV then !

 Cessna A185F Skywagon 11 c/n A185F-04395 , was listed as N714FV to Cessna in October 1982.
 It was ferried into Christchurch from via Pago Pago on 29-11-1986. The above two shots show her in the Mount Cook hangar at Christchurch on 28-11-1986. Now thats interesting - If I took the photos on the 28th - and it didn't arrive until the 29th ?
 On 09-12-1986 (the day it was registered to The Mount Cook Group) it was wearing its MCV marks. Note the Ministry of Transport, Civil Aviation Division, Calibration Flights Fokker F27 ZK-DCB with Mount Cook Airlines titles on the lower fuselage. (Mt Cook had it from 03-11-1986 until returning it to MOT, CAD Cal Flight on 21-01-1987).
Above : As seen in an interim colour scheme at Tekapo and wearing fleet number 39 on 05-02-1987.
Above : Looking down from the "Tower" at Mount Cook on 09-04-1994. A seldom seen angle - one good for the model maker ! With Mount Cook Airline titles.
Ownership moved to Tourism Holdings on 30-06-1998. Above : As seen on 11-12-98 at Mt Cook; with Mount Cook Skiplanes titles, but minus that Lilly.
The latest ownership change was to Aoraki Mount Cook Ski Planes Ltd on 20-12-2002.
As seen above in the maintenance hangar at Mt Cook on 15-08-2006. With Mount Cook Ski Planes titles.


  1. you've gone this far.... you might as well do MCR too ! and of course CBS...

    1. Saw zk- Can't Kill Turbs on flight Aware yesterday 23/10/23.
      Cruising south of Ashburton at very low level. Another ex Mt Cook skiplane.

  2. That last picture shows it modified to suite the Greenies.
    Very low carbon emissions and reduced decibel readings.

    Good work.
    Warwick B

  3. Hey cessna185.
    You are "Johny on the spot"

    Is Gary working ZK-BYJ out of Waiho, meat bombing ?

    I will consider doing MCR & CBS. Its a time thing you know: & I do have a day job - So this blog is all for kicks.

  4. MCK there now on bombing. CBS was but maybe the 180 now a backup ?