Friday 28 January 2011

Thee Masterton 180's.

 Towards the end of 1980, Cessna pushed this airframe, c/n 53170 , out as a model 180K Skywagon. It did nearly ten years in the US before being aptly registered as G-OPIX to Steve Bicknell Productions in the UK in September of 1990. It was freighted to Dairy Flat and became ZK-SCB (using Steve's initials) on 08-11-1994 and used in his photography business. It was sold to Ron McAulay of Wanaka in August of 1997 and to its current driver; Brian Atkinson of Hanmer Springs in April of 2008.
Cessna 180E ZK-TUA c/n 180E-51144 has every right to call itself a genuine warbird. From new in 1962 it served with the Australian Army until joining civil street in 1975 with the Queensland Police. From 1980 it had a bunch of private owners until it was damaged in 1994. It was shipped to NZ and over four years was rebuilt and registered to Kim Christophers as ZK-TUA on 24-09-1998 for delivery to Tim Unwin Austin - hence the "TUA" rego. In September of 2000 it went to Sam and Hugh Bethell and lastly, in October of 2006, to David Sinclair of Balclutha.
Lovely :
Cessna 180 ZK-WGT. A very early production machine, being c/n 30012 , in a period colour scheme.
I don't know much about this one, except that by 18-02-1953 it was in Uruguay as CX-AZP. It was shipped into NZ and became ZK-WGT on 05-01-2007 using the initials of its new owners W & G Thompson of Otorohanga.


  1. I didn't realise there was so many C180s and C185's in NZ. How of each turned up to Masterton?

  2. Evening QW.
    Don't quote me, but I reckon, by my count, there are 64 C180's and and 59 C185's current.
    Plus, don't forget all the others that are lying in sheds/hangars etc awaiting the rebuilders.

    Not sure how many made it to Masterton, because I saddled up and cleared out on Friday evening when the weather turned to custard.

  3. Thanks again for all these !
    Learn something everyday....cargo pod obviously OK for the 180 [SCB]

  4. Yo there Ian.
    If my memory cells are on form : From the Cessna 180E onward, the fuselages where the same with the pod being a Cessna option from the 1970 180H model. A few kts slower and a little less climb. But lets be honest here : how many of these hairy chested drivers would notice the difference.
    Cut & paste this and learn.

  5. Thanks Blue Bus...that is a good 'rundown'...there was a 'pod' made in Alaska available that you could have as a 'straight' pod or one with two hours extra gas plus some bags...more rounded than the usual one. They have sold the STC so don't know when they will be around again.
    Thanks again for posted all those great photos!

  6. Ian
    Drop me a note at
    as I now have Thom's contact details.