Thursday 27 January 2011

Another batch of 180's

ZK-BSP is c/n 31263 which appeared for Rural Aviation on 11-02-1957; was - to the best of my knowledge - never used as an ag plane; went to the Middle Districts Aero Club followed by Harry Sowerby and then the Sinclair family in 1963. Frank Wright got hold of it in January of 2000 and the current BSP Partnership picked it up on 12-01-2001.
Cessna 180A c/n 32960 is ZK-BUG worked with Rural Aviation from its C of A in October 1957. It carried the name "Bugs Buggy" at about this time.  In late 1965 it went to Dalcom Aviation Training at Wanganui and became the first "real" aeroplane that many of us flew. It is currently with Jim McEwan of Nelson.
ZK-BUJ is c/n 32950 was listed to Rural Aviation on 13-06-57 followed by Farmers ATD at Invercargill in October of 1963. After a year of spraying with Advance Aviation away up north in 1966 it became a four seater and is now with D R & R D Davison of Tapanui.


  1. Thanks again.
    Great stuff...keep them coming :-)

  2. Those 'rudder locks' look neat..

  3. I've never actually left a comment here before, but I thought I should considering I've been on here every day ogling your Masterton pics.

    Anyway, you have a brilliant blog! Thanks very much for sharing all these photos and the information with us!