Saturday 29 January 2011

Bell Long Ranger ZK-ISF

As was widely reported in the media and the type subsequently confirmed, Bell 206 Long Ranger ZK-ISF, registered to North Shore Helicopters,  had an engine surge followed by a loss of power with the aircraft ditching off the coast from Bream Bay, Northland on 19 January.  The pilot survived the crash and was winched to safety by one of the NEST Sikorsky 76 helicopters from Whangarei.
The helicopter was first registered in NZ in July 2008 with Finlayson Helicopters of Whangarei and changed ownership to North Shore Helicopters in August 2010.
ZK-ISF alights from Oceania at Ardmore 14 April 2009, Mike Condon photo


  1. she was recently spied at beck helicopters about a week before her mishap

  2. I also saw the LR at Beck Helicopters but assumed that it was ZK-HTK which is owned by Heliview in New Plymouth and looks identical to this chopper.