Tuesday 18 January 2011

Betty B and The Magic Carpet

A ripping yarn for the children?

No, it is 2 aircraft that I photo'd at North Shore on Saturday.

Betty B is the Beagle Pup ZK-CYP owned by Paul Smedley of North Shore. ZK-CYP (c/n B121/044) was first registered inn New Zealand on 25/7/69 to Adsal Ltd of Wellington. It was owned by the Canterbury Aero Club from 11/5/72 until 27/8/01 when it transferred to Izard Pacific at Wellsford who then sold it to the Springhill Syndicate of Wellsford on 27/8/02. Paul Smedley has owned it since 11/5/04.
Interestingly this is the second Beagle Pup to have been registered ZK-CYP. The first was c/n B121/020 which was also registered to Adsal Ltd of Wellington (on 19/2/69) but this ZK-CYP was damaged in transit and was returned to the UK.

And The Magic Carpet is the Dyn Aero MCR01 Club ZK-SML owned by Geoff Smale of North Shore. ZK-DYN was first registered on 14/7/09 and is obviously a magic form of transport for the Smales.

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