Saturday 8 January 2011

Cessna A185F ZK-MCU and ZK-MDC.

cessna185 (blog name) has asked if I had a shot of ZK-MCU. Yep.
Cessna A185F ZK-MCU c/n A185F-04372 was built in 1982 and was ferried from Pago Pago to Auckland and Christchurch on 25-11-1986. It was listed with the Mount Cook Grou Ltd on 12-10-1986 and issued the Company fleet number 38.
On 25-10-1987 it was damaged on the Tasman Saddle when the left u/c leg was torn off.
The above pic shows her at Mt Cook on 14-08-1989.
Its u/c was damaged again during a snow test flight on the Fox Neve on 05-12-1989, it was flown back to Birch Hill but overturned on landing.
On 22-02-1992 it was damaged in a ground loop on the Franz Josef Glacier.
Ownership changed to Tourism Holding Ltd on 30-06-1998.
The photo below was taken at Mt Cook on 11-12-1998 by which time it had lost the ranunculus from its tail and now has the "Mount Cook Skiplanes" script on its fuselage.
Its registration was cancelled on 23-09-1999 and it became ZK-MDC. WHY ?
The shot below was taken by Andy Heap on 16-06-2007 just after it landed on the Tasman Glacier.
It is now in private hands and is operating out of the Fox Glacier strip in the parachuting role.
Photo above taken today (09-01-2011) by cessna185 at Fox.

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  1. Reg probably changed so Mt Cook could use MCU on the ATR-72