Friday 14 January 2011

A couple of hours at Rangiora today.

 Passing through on delivery to its new owner at Ranfurly was the Hoffmann H36 Dimona ZK-GPH2 , c/n 3667 , which was first registered in NZ on 17-02-2010 to Neville Swan of Auckland. In its earlier career it had been registered as D-KEBA2.  
 John Richards had his new Titan T51 ZK-WUH , c/n 0059 , at Woodley Aircraft Services for its first post delivery check. 20 hours total time to date.
 A recent addition to the local Rangiora skies is this RAF 2000 GTX SE ZK-RCW , c/n H4-97-8-285. It had been at Nelson with Philip Jordan since August 2009 but passed to Peter Collins in mid November.
Getting its annual bath is the Cessna 185A ZK-SIA , c/n 185A-0427 , of K G & J A J Macdonald Family Trust. Ken will be heading up to Masterton on Tuesday for the 50th 180/185 gathering.


  1. SIA....WTF are they doing?

  2. Sorry...just realised after enlarging the picture that it's a cloth ...though it was going through one of the inspection 'covers'...:-)

  3. Yeah, it does look like that eh.
    Its actually a car brush !.

    BTW. N6TK departed Kerikeri for Norfolk on 11-01-11. AM still trying to get Thom's contact details for you.So he won't be at NZMS.

    & it looks like BDE will not make it to the Masterton gathering.

  4. :-)

    Thanks for that re N6TK...pity he didn't stay.

    Have you seen the Eddie Coate's photo of BDE?...iconic Kiwi ag a/c with sheep grazing around it :-)