Tuesday 25 January 2011

And still they come. Masterton.

Below we have the Cessna 180B ZK-EEJ , c/n 180-50557. This is a 1959 model, built as N5257E
. It moved to Kenya (about 1971) and served with the Rev M J Sickler at Mombasa. In march of 1973 it became 5Y-APV on the Kenyan register. It ferried into NZ direct from Brisbane to Kaitaia on 11-05-1975 and became ZK-EEJ on 19-06-1975. It is now (some six owners later) with G G and B J Prankerd up Stratford way.
ZK-EYH is a Cessna 180K , c/n 180K-53011 , of 1979 vintage. It came to NZ and was registered on 10-06-1982, first flying on 21-06-1982. It went to Mount Hutt Aviation and spent some time on the Chatham Islands. Latest owner since 23-11-2000 is the Riverside No 2 Trust of Waipawa.
ZK-JMH is a Cessna 180A which went to Australia from new in 1957. It first joined our register as ZK-OWZ (ours) on 16-10-1995 with Ski Hi Tandem Skydive Ltd of Paihia. It went to Johnston Motors Haast on 02-08-2005 and was re-registered to them as ZK-JMH on 22-09-2006.


  1. ZK-EEJ when was getting refit last year had Yankee rego N9992T !!!!!!!!

  2. Thats interesting Anon.

    Tell us more.

    Was it visible on the fuselage during a paint strip ?

    Any sign of its Kenyan markings ?