Sunday 23 January 2011

Three more from Masterton

Three more from the Cessna 180/185 line up at Masterton.
 Above is ZK-BZR. A Cessna 180 from 1955 with c/n 31754. It initially went to Portuguese East Africa (Mozambique) as CR-AER in June of 1955 and then to South Africa as ZS-CJT. It was cancelled from the ZS register on 10-04-1995 and came on the NZ register on 02-08-1995 to Rob Gardiner at Masterton.
 Cessna 180A ZK-CGJ was built up from parts of ZK-BUW, ZK-BWY, ZK-BUP and ZK-BSZ and given the Rex Aviation c/n of RA/5/64 and gained its C of A on 28-07-1964. It was registered to Mike Thomas on 24-11-1982 and lives at Omarama.
Cessna 185B ZK-CMW went from the Cessna Factory in 1963 into the military with the serial number of 63-13595. I know not with whom it served, but it soon turned up on the civil register of Costa Rica as TI-508SP, then TI-SPC before shooting up to Canada to become C-GGOH in 1980. It first appeared in NZ as ZK-JAO on 19-11-1996 with Bruce Usher but was re-registered as ZK-CMW on 03-07-2002.

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