Thursday 13 January 2011

Christmas Eve Question time # 119 answers.

Below are expanded views of the original eleven photos of Question Time # 119.
The original close ups can be viewed at
 1. Is the Bell 206 ZK-HTO.
 2. Is the Best Off Skyranger Swift ZK-SCT
 3. Is the Aero L-39 ZK-CCP
 4. An as yet unregistered turbine powered Rotorway helicopter.
5. DH85 Leopard Moth G-APKH to be ZK-ARG.

 6. Cessna 175 ZK-BCR
 7. Pitts Special ZK-PIT
 8. Eurocopter EC 130 B4 ZK-HAC.
 9. AutoGyro Europe Calidus Fern ZK-OTM.
 10. Fletcher ZK-CZA.
11. Jurca MJ-8 (FW190) ZK-YKZ.

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