Tuesday 4 January 2011

Looking at absent friends

With the approaching Cessna 180/185 fly in at Masterton not too far away I thought I would rummage through the olde shoe box and dig out some shots of 185's that will not be coming to the 50th celebrations.
 ZK-CAT was c/n 185-0209 and is shown above at Feilding on an un-recorded date. Can anyone tell me what the sign writing on the fuselage side is ? and also what the insignia on the door and fin is. CAT struck a fence on take off, crashed and burned at Waimana on 26-07-1974.

 ZK-CAU (above) was c/n 185 0211 and is parked up here at Wellington International on 11-09-1969.
It was destroyed outside a hangar fire at Bridge Pa on the 14/15-09-1971. It had been tied down beside the hangar. Were any other aircraft destroyed in this fire ?
 ZK-CCX was c/n 185-0115 and was photographed at Queenstown in April of 1969. It was damaged at Parakai when it swung on take off on 29-01-1990
ZK-CHJ was a Cessna 185C with the c/n 185C-0756. It crashed on the Upper Tasman Glacier on 09-08-1984.


  1. Do you know the fate of CCX now ? if it is stored anywhere ?

  2. CAT,..."Air Taxi & Charter Service",on the tail is Wanganui Aero Work logo.

  3. Thanks again for some great shots!

    CHJ - when was this taken?...great photo. Would there be any chance of a high res one as I did many hours in CHJ '68-70 and all my photos have been mostly lost in moves.


  4. CAT,....the image on the door appears to be "Speedy Gonzales" the cartoon mouse.