Saturday 8 January 2011

A few more Cessna 180/185's

 Four more Cessna 180/185's that we probably will not encounter (in this form) at Masterton.
 ZK-CZW was first registered  in NZ with a c/n of 180-30961R (R for rebuild). Imported by Rural Aviation and first registered to them as ZK-BFT on 05-07-54. It was sold to Southern Scenic Air Services on 02-09-1957 but it was damaged during the search for the missing Dragonfly ZK-AFB on 13-02-1962. It was rebuilt as ZK-CZW by Rex Aviation and flew again on 09-07-1969 and went to Aviation Contracts at Invercargill from 10-07-1969. The above pic was taken at Invercargill on 26-07-1969. Ownership changed to Skeggs Fisheries on 04-09-1969. It was damaged on Ruggedy Beach, Stewart Island on 23-01-1970 with the registration being cancelled on 23-01-1970. It returned to the register again on 11-12-1982 with J M & B N Coulter of Auckland and then to Academy Aviation Ltd on 10-06-1991. (was it actually active during this period) ?  Its registration letters were changed back to its original ZK-BFT for Academy Aviation on 13-11-1991. An ownership change to Meringa Farms Ltd took effect on 18-08-2000 with a further registration reallocation to ZK-FDP2 taking place on the same date. It now carries the name "Precious". I hope to see it in this guise at NZMS.
 Cessna A185F ZK-DLX was c/n A185F-02290 and had been imported and sold to T A McKee of Clinton in early 1974. Ownership changed to Charlie Beetham of Pongaroa on 05-05-1982. It was destroyed by fire following an explosion at the Minganui Gold Course, near Murupara, on 05-05-1989. Its registration was cancelled on 15-06-1990. I believe its tail survived the fire and was used in the rebuild of ZK-TAL which in due course became ZK-NRC which is still with Charlie. Photo taken at Momona on 27-02-1975.
 ZK-WOS is another Cessna A185F. It has the c/n A185-02912 and came to NZ after some 26 years in Italy. On import it was worked on by Advanced Aero Engineering at Masterton and was registered to Waste of Space Aviation Ltd of Napier on 10-09-2002. Ownership changed to Jetflights Wanaka on 22-05-2006 and a registration letter change to ZK-WSB2 took effect on 12-06-2006. Photo taken at NZCH on 01-06-2006.
So with any sort of luck we may see the above three at NZMS in their "new" markings.
I have included this Cessna 180 N6TK c/n 180-53186 for two reasons. Firstly because it is still in country : In speaking with the owner Thomas Kane - he said that he didn't think he would make it to Masterton - just "maybe".  The second reason is to answer a question about the aircraft's endurance.
Well, its a bladder bursting 22 hours. It has four wings tanks - with the outer being filled in the pic above taken at Rangiora on 24-12-2010, and a bladder tank behind the front seats. Thom is on a world cruise.


  1. Many Thanks for the continuing series on 'NZ's National Aircraft' :-)

    Wish I'd known your were talking to N6's owner as I'm really interested in what type of bladder tank he is using.

  2. Some interesting history on BFT / CZW. I am certain that the aircraft did not do any flying between its Stewart Island crash and its rego change in 1991. I was at Gulf aeronautics in the early 1990s and helped rebuild the aircraft. very little of the original airframe remained after Stewart island, and the rebuild was largely a "Makers Plate" rebuild using a few original BFT / CZW bits and the airframe of an early C182 (sorry dont know the rego)converted back to C180. The rego changed from CZW back to BFT before the rebuild was completed, so it left the shop in a very smart silver and charcoal colour scheme with BFT rego.

  3. Thank you for that ZK-CKE. Another gap filled.

    Ian. I will try and get hold of Thom's contact details for you. May take a couple of days Tho.

  4. Many thanks!! 180 is going to have to come from the UK to somewhere in SE Asia soon so I was intrigued that this couple were flying their one around the world.