Sunday 16 January 2011

Aircraft Damaged at Queenstown - Photo Added 18Jan (not for the squeamish)

Reports from Queenstown today (16Jan) indicate a number of aircraft were damaged overnight following strong wind gusts, possibly associated with a mini-tornado according to Wakatipu Aero Club website.

Cessna 172 FKS was dislodged and the winds flipped it upside down onto another 172, CHO (pictured in happier days) which was parked next to it beside the perimeter fence.  The Aero Club website states the gust pulled out the pickets at all three of FKS's anchor points, but the knots securing the tie-down ropes to the aeroplane remained intact. Fortunately nobody was nearby so there were no injuries.  During the freak gust two other non-aeroclub aircraft on the field also broke free from their pickets, one of which was severely damaged.  (One of these is believed to be Cessna 185 PKM).

Queenstown March 2008.
Mike Stead photo

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