Saturday 15 January 2011

Brian Langley Memorial Aerobatic Competition at North Shore Today

The annual Brian Langley Memorial aerobatic competition was held in wonderful weather conditions at North Shore today. Brian Langley was a previous CFI of the North Shore Aero Club who had a passion for aerobatics, and this competition in his memory is held annually.

There was a good selection of aerobatic aircraft present: Extra 300 ZK-XRA, Giles G 202 ZK-NUT, Pitts S 2 ZK-WIZ, Slingsby Firefly ZK-TXZ, Furio ZK-LLC, and also Zlin Z50LS ZK-ZSO and Piits S 1 ZK-EES. Unfortunately these last 2 did not compete as they were unserviceable.

ZK-XRA taxies past the judges, with ZK-ZSO in the foreground.

ZK-XRA with ZK-NUT and ZK-WIZ in the background.

ZK-XRA landing. The runway at North Shore airfield has a slope down to the middle, and these hot aircraft were very spectacular landing down the slope.

ZK-NUT landing.

And a view from the balcony of the Aero Club building with a pretty impressive lineup of aircraft - Falco ZK-TBD, Furio ZK-LLC, Extra 300 ZK-XRA and Pitts Model 12 ZK-PTS!
The Pitts Model 12 did not take part in the competition but it did fly - spectacularly! I will do another post on this aircraft.
Finally, I met "eflyernz " who had come up from Hamilton for the day. He had a much flasher camera than I have, so I will leave him to post some more spectacular shots from the day (no pressure!).

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