Saturday 15 January 2011

Oh No. Not more 180/185's !

 Another batch of Cessna 180/185's. Three of them are still with us.
 ZK-CAS is a Cessna 180A with the c/n of 180A-32959. It was a rebuild of ZK-BUH and ZK-BQJ and was registered to Rural Aviation as ZK-CAS on 04-07-1961. It went to John Harding of Aircraft Holdings Ltd of Wanganui. It carried the name "Mataitira". It is currently listed with Computer Automation Products of Auckland. Pic taken at Wanganui on 29-10-1970.
 Above & below we have ZK-CAT the Cessna 185 , c/n 185-0209. Above taken at Wanganui 19-12-1966 in Wanganui Aero Work markings and wearing the name of "John Harding".
Below. Taken at Wanganui on 12-12-1968 still with Wanganui Aero Work but minus ag gear and wearing Air Taxi and Charter Service script. On 26-07-1974 whilst with the Whakatane District Flying School, it struck a fence on take off and was burned out. 
 Above we have an early morning view of ZK-CFI captured at Luggate (now Wanaka) in January of 1968. ZK-CFI is a 185B , c/n 185B-0598 , and worked with Rural Aviation until damaged in early 1967. It was rebuilt as a six seater and went to the Southern District Aero Club about September of 1968. It has spent almost its entire working life in the south. Currently it is with Air Fiordland at Te Anau.
Above we have the Cessna 185C ZK-CGC , c/n 185C-0680 , in its Rural Aviation (1963) Ltd's scheme. Parked up at New Plymouth in 1966 among all the AgWagons, just prior to being converted to a six seater. It has had a multitude of owners since & is currently listed to Bill Sutherland of Waikaka

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