Sunday 2 January 2011

Recent Rangiora departures

I start the year with three recent departures from the Rangiora region.
The Canadian built De Havilland DHC-1A1 Chipmunk ZK-CVM , c/n 34 , of Don Penniall has moved north to Matahui Airlines Ltd of Katikati. Built for the Indian Government in 1949 it was registered here on 03-04-2003. It has the later Canadian style canopy fitted. Its markings of CVM and 034 are the last three letters of its original Indian registration of VT-CVM and its construction number of 34; with the Canadian maple leaf insignia within the roundel. I am wondering if - now that Don's hangar is empty - if we will see the LOM powered Chipmunk come together here !
 The Cessna 150H ZK-CXL , c/n 150H-68308 , entered the NZ register on 21-01-1970 with the agents, Rex Aviation (NZ) Ltd for delivery to the New Plymouth Aero Club. As you can imagine it has had a bunch of owners over the years. In June of 2007 it was listed with MacDonald and Walker of Christchurch with a change to Graham Ian Readman of Rangiora on 14-04-2010. I must admit that I have not seen it recently so have included the above shot of her as seen at New Plymouth on 13-06-1973. On 04-12-2010 it was relisted to CXL Ltd of Kaukapakapa.
Pietenpol Air Camper M/L ZK-JQN , c/n DP02 , was completed from a partially completed kit by Donald Palmer of Kaiapoi and hit the register on 06-05-2005. It has spring steel U/C legs, a Cortina 2L engine and a 62inch propeller. It was first flown that December by Evan Belworthy. Ownership changed to James Coleman of Christchurch on 21-01-2007 and more recently to Glen Morgan of Greymouth.
Now if memory serves me - Glen started to build a Air Camper sometime in the 80's, but sold the project. Is this the same airframe that he has re acquired ?   Pic taken at Rangiora on 26-07-2009.


  1. In answer to the question of whether I started the Peitenpol that became JQN. Strictly speaking, no; but I did pass on components such as lift struts, cabane struts and some spruce which I believe were used in the construction of JQN. So there is some poetry in the way that JQN has wound up in my hands.

    JQN came to me with a Toyota engine and I am currently in the process of fitting brakes, a tail wheel and modifying the rudder controls as my legs are a bit long for the current configuration.


    Glen Morgan