Tuesday 4 January 2011

Turangi - Covered Zenith Country

A brief stop at the Turangi airstrip on New Years Day produced only covered Zeniths!

ZK-DBZ was across from Stratford, and was securely tied down and covered. It is a Zenair CH 601 HDS (for Heavy Duty Speedwing) which was built by Don Boyd in Wellington, and it was first registered on 23/6/04. The HDS wing is shorter than the regular 601 wing and is tapered for greater speed. There is only one other 601 HDS in New Zealand, being ZK-SWB.

And in the background was another covered Zenith in a different type of hangar - a very low PVC structure like a big open fronted tent (it was pegged down), with secure fencing around and big wire netting gates at the front. Very neat and very rural.

At least the gates allowed a photograph! This covered Zenith was ZK-MAM, a CH 601 XL model owned by Mike's Aviation Management. It is ex VH-ZSA and was first registered in New Zealand on 12/1/09. You can tell that it is ZK-MAM by the label on the closely fitting cover!

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