Monday 26 September 2011

From the fishing boats.

During the second half of the 1990's quite a number of US Tuna Clippers arrived in Nelson to undergo maintenance but for some reason this came to a halt. Most of these vessels carried a helicopter for fish spotting and these were generally parked at the Airport while the ship was here.
It is good to see that they have started to arrive again but most without helicopters. So far this year four have arrived but only one, the tuna purse seiner Western Pacific, with a helicopter, this aircraft has also undergone maintenance, carried out by Helicare Maintenance.
Photo was taken just prior to a test flight at Nelson Airport 31-08-2011 of Hughes 369HS N504LA (c/n 106-0862S)
It has no NZ connections to my knowledge.
Above is a pic of the Western Pacific.
Report kindly sent in by Peter Campbell of Nelson.

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