Friday 23 September 2011

Friday lunch at Rangiora 23-09-2011

Jodel D.18 duo. ZK-JVG in the background with ZK-JPK2 (c/n RG8) closest. Built by Murray Farr of Marton, Robbie Gentry of Tauranga, it moved south to Graeme Main and Chris Pennell in April of 2008. It has now moved to the sole ownership of Chris Pennell, now that Graeme Main has his ZK-JVG up and running.
The second Ibis Magic GS-700 ZK-MGC (c/n GS-05-08-700-69), as yet without its marks applied, was registered on 16-09-2011. Expect to see it go on line at Wanaka soon. That is the first Magic ZK-PLC behind with the weight shifters out in the sunshine in the left rear.
About to commit its first act of aviation is the Aero Design PulsarXP ZK-MIV (c/n 294). This project started life in South Africa and has been completed in Rangiora.
Surprise catch for the day was this Aeroprakt A22 ZK-MYD2 (c/n 079) which is now domiciled not too far north of Rangiora. It was originally registered as ZK-PGC back on 10-08-2004 to Gary Conroy at Hastings but transferred to JST Aero Holdings in June of 2011 and was re-registered to MYD in July.


  1. ZK-JPK was built by Robbie Gentry at Tauranga, hence the c/n RG 8.

  2. Well there you go.
    You learn something new every day.
    Thanks Sir Minty for correcting me there.