Sunday 4 September 2011


MRC photo
Registered to Auckland's Helilink on 28 August this year is BK117 ZK-HQK3 c/n 1040.  According to CAA records, this airframe spent time in NZ as ZK-HSS3 with Airwork (Helilink's parent company) from Dec 1997 until Jan 1998 and was exported back to Japan as JA9983 before returning to the ZK register as ZK-HSS again in Aug 1998.  It was cancelled again in Oct 1999, going to Australia, to become VH-JRF2 with Jayrow Helicopters of Menthone, Victoria. It was cancelled from the Australian register on 22-07-2011 making its way back to ZK land, this time as ZK-HQK.

Another of the Jayrow BK117 Helicopters VH-JRB2 was also imported during August by Helilink and has become ZK-HOU5. This is c/n 1041 which was previously briefly listed in NZ by Airwork as ZK-HRI2 back in May of 1996.

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