Friday 30 September 2011

Another look at ZK-HSG

Following the earlier mention of the Bell B206 JetRanger 11 ZK-HSG -  Steve from sent in a couple of earlier photos, to which I have added a couple to show HSG throughout its career to date.
Above is ZK-HSG as captured at Kanieri in spray mode by Steve on 12-05-1985. It is in its original ex Canadian Okanagan Helicopters colour scheme.
Below. Another of Steve's photos shows it in the well known Whirlwide/Helicopter Line etc colour scheme just a few months later. Seen at Hokitika on 21-09-1985.
 Below was shot at Christchurch a year later 22-09-1986.
 Another Christchurch shot but on 11-09-1987 - minus the "G" of its registration.
 Below. On what is now the Garden City Helicopter base we have HSG in Anderson Helicopters script. The letter "A" within a white square on the nose.
 At work somewhere on the Coast. Can't recall where or when (Maybe up the Cropp ?).
 With spray gear fitted at Hokitika on 20-12-2009
 And the original Matt Hayes pic below that started this posting. At Hoki
Bell JetRanger 11 ZK-HSG (c/n 1555) was recently captured sitting in the sun at Hokitika by Matt Hayes.
It was first registered in Canada as C-GLDR in January of 1975 and it first flew in NZ on 23-06-1982 and was registered to Whirl-Wide Helicopters Ltd at Timaru the same day. It was transferred to The Helicopter Line on 15-07-1988 which later became Tourism Holdings, and then to Anderson Helicopters Ltd at Hokitika on 18-12-1989.

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