Thursday 29 September 2011

Some Taupo changes.

Henry McIntyre has kindly sent in the following photos from Taupo.
Above is the recently acquired Cessna 172S ZK-COS3 (c/n 172S-9752) of Izard Pacific Aviation Ltd.

Taupo Air Service has been taken over by Izard Pacific with the Cessna 172M ZK-DHU already sold, Cessna U206F ZK-TAM is on the marked and the Cessna 177B Cardinal ZK-CXM is currently parked in the hangar awaiting some engine attention. Not sure about the Cub ZK-BRQ.

Some recent visitors include the Pacific Jets Cessna 680 Sovereign ZK-JTH (c/n 680-0058)
The Avia Air Charter Ltd Piper PA31Navajo, Colemill Panther conversion, ZK-LTD (c/n 31-7300918)
Below -  Piper PA34-220T Seneca ZK-TZO (c/n 3449112) of Izard Pacific Aviation. This was previously ZK-MBA with Massey Uni between 2003 and 2009.
 A look along the hangar line shows the Piper Seneca ZK-TZO and the Cessna ZK-JTH

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