Friday 16 September 2011

The camera never lies ! More on ZK-MHB

There used to be a saying that the camera never lied.Unless you tamper with it !
This shot above as originally posted is actually a composite of three photos taken in very cramped hangar. I have use the magic of photostich/panorama to make one pic from the three. As pointed out by DJE, we get a stange modifiction to the aileron shape. (The strange blackish item is a sponge rubber pad to protect passing craniums from striking the corner of the partially lowered flaps). Below is the original second of the three photos used to make up the composite. No problems with the flap/ailerons !
Well spotted DJE.
This shot, if you use your imagination, shows the modified wing leading edge.
Also clearly obvious is the cross brace incorporated on the float plane versions.

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  1. well well well great work.
    Would be a real slow flyer good STOL kit.
    Very nice horse