Friday 9 September 2011

Nomad ZK-SNZ

The only N22C series Government Aircraft Factory Nomad ZK-SNZ to remain on the NZ register was a rare visitor to Ardmore 09 September.  As is clearly illustrated by the roller door, this machine is employed on parachute operations from Taupo having been in this role for at least 15 years starting with operations from Parakai, Northwest Auckland.  Prior to its parachute job ZK-SNZ was introduced to NZ skies by Airwork NZ in 1988 and the aircraft was leased to other operators in the passenger carrying role, see

At the conclusion of this period in its life the Nomad took on the more humble task of hauling mail on behalf of NZ Post with a basing out of Nelson for a few years before heading back into the passenger operations, check out

At the termination of Northern Air the aircraft was then converted to a jumpship.

Ardmore 09 September 2011, C Hunter photo

Whitianga 20 October 1988, I Coates photo

Woodbourne 18 September 1991 MRC photo

Nelson 01 December 1992 MRC photo

Parakai 11 November 1996, MRC photo


  1. Do you have any information on it's belly landing?

  2. It had an incident at Whenuapai on 05-11-1988 but I have no other details.
    What do you know ?