Wednesday 14 September 2011

It really does exist. ZK-JNH

Yes - Cessna A185F ZK-JNH3 (c/n 185-03177) really does exist. This ex Swedish aircraft was registered three years ago on 15-09-2008 to Bruce Drake of Rangiora.
I spied it at Bruce's Fernside hangar on 09-09-2011 awaiting a decision on its colour scheme.
Bruce has his own very descriptive phonetic language. In this case JNH = Just Not Happening.


  1. Ah so it does exist. I would have thought it would be long flying by now though... Whats that machine with the prop just in the photo to the right ?

  2. Hi there cessna185.

    I was wondering if anybody would notice that spinner/prop !

    It is the "new" ZK-MHB ex ZK-FRW.

    And I suppose you want a pic of that as well !!

  3. Yes please I do ! Didn't know that had a rego change.

    I can smell 180s & 185s you know