Friday 2 September 2011

Some recent cancellations

 Some recent cancellations from the NZ Civil Aircraft Register are shown below.
The Aerospatiale AS355 F1 Ecureuil 2 ZK-HMI2 (c/n 5029) was cancelled on 30-08-2011 as withdrawn. This Twin Squirrel was a product of 1981 and came to NZ ex USA where it had been operating as N5775Y with Petroleum Helicopters out of Lafayette, Florida. It was listed to Airwork (NZ) Ltd as ZK-HMI on 04-10-1995 for delivery to Tourism Holdings Ltd of Queenstown on 27-11-1995, with a name change to The Helicopter Line from 17-09-2002. ZK-HMI is seen above at Timaru on 07-10-2009.
Another Twin Squirrel struck off the register is ZK-IBZ (c/n 5295). This was a 1983 model which operated as JA9592 with various Japanese Companies until becoming ZK-IBZ with Oceania Aviation Ltd of Auckland on 31-07-2006 before being taken up by Heli-Flight (NZ) Ltd of Papakura from 29-09-2006 and then Heliflight Ltd from 09-09-2007. Its final listed operator was Corsair Holdings Ltd from 01-01-2010. It has been cancelled as exported. It is seen above at Ardmore on 18-03-2008.
Above is a pic from Henry of the Air Tractor AT-502B ZK-PTK2  (c/n 502B-0451) as noted at Taupo on 02-07-2011. This aircraft was shipped into Australia and assembled at Ballarat and became VH-PTK with the agents Field Air on 08-09-1997. It was ferried across "The Ditch" in March of 2004 to become ZK-PTK2 with Robalan Air Ltd of Napier on 21-07-2004. (Robyn and Alan Nichol = Robalan).  In early February this year it transferred over to Super Air, returning to Robalan at the end of July. It was ferried out from New Plymouth to Lord Howe Island and Newcastle on 22-08-2011.
Rockwell 114 ZK-WAW (c/n 14219) was built in the US in 1977 and went to Australia and became VH-PRR with R & R Flying Service at Burnie in Tasmania on 18-08-1977. It flew into Whangarei and then New Plymouth on 13-07-1997 to become ZK-WAW with Alt Air Co Ltd on 20-08-1997. It went to Cornwall Farms on 01-10-1999, with I believe properties out of Ashburton and also Stratford. An ownership change on 24-03-2011 had it listed with Aymstyle Pty Ltd with a Papakura address. It was ferried across the Tasman by Jim Hazleton on 27/28-03-2011, was cancelled from the NZ register on 11-08-2011 and became VH-OCY with Aymstyle Pty Ltd of Albury on the 17th.
The Air Creation ARV Tanarg 912 ES/Bionix ZK-TNG2 (c/n T10035) was an up market weight shift trike registered to Derek Chamberlain of Rangiora on 23-11-2010. It was damaged in an incident at Masterton earlier in the year and it has been decided not to repair it in NZ. It has been cancelled as exported.