Thursday 29 September 2011

Cancelled today ZK-UBU

The Cessna 207 Skywagon ZK-UBU (c/n 207-00119) arrived  in Auckland on 25-06-1994 after ferrying from Australia where it had been operating as VH-UBU since new in early 1970. It was flown down to Te Anau and became ZK-UBU on 18-08-1994 for Fiordland Experience Group.  
To photo shows her at Queenstown on 23-03-1995 in "Air Fiordland - The Friendly Scenic Way" script.
Photo below is at Dunedin on 09-09-2005.
In December 2005 title changed to Airflite South Ltd of Mosgiel before transfer to Brian Grant of Outram on 22-02-2006.
 Above UBU at Taieri on 09-11-2010
Its NZ registration was cancelled today 29-09-2011. The above photograph from Henry McIntyre shows it parked at Taupo yesterday.


  1. Any idea where it is off to? Broken up?

  2. Not sure yet. I was hoping you could tell me !
    I thought there is a bit of a demand for these big Cessna's over the ocean. We have lost a hand full of 207's recently to our far western provinces across The Ditch.
    We now have only six left of some thirty three.

  3. UBU is going to Vanautu to replace another 207 which was written off in an accident in March. It will be being placed on the Vanautu register before the ferry flight to Port Villa.
    UBU does not require any modifications for the ferry flight as it has the long range tanks installed. The flight from Taieri to Ardmore was 5.2 hours, and while the flight could have been completed without refuelling, I couldn't, hence the stops in Kaikoura and Taupo.

  4. Thanks very much Anonymous for the update. Good news - as I didn't think she was ready for the breakers yard.

  5. Wait, UBU actually flies? huh! Thought she'd be stuck in the back of the hangar at Taieri forever.

  6. ZK-UBU was parked in Harry Maidment's patch at Ardmore yesterday, Friday 30th September - still marked as ZK-UBU at that stage.

  7. She's now YJ-ASH. Operated by Air Taxi Vanuatu since 2012. Badly damaged during Cyclone Pam (2015) but rebuilt over the years since and shortly to be returned to service with a fresh 550.