Monday 30 January 2012

A Handbag special

A request from Handbag asks for a photograph of his aircraft ZK-CBG.
Fletcher Fu24 Mk 11 ZK-CBG (c/n 87) started as a 240hp model with James Aviation Ltd of Hamilton, being registered on 20-09-1961 and first flew on 04-04-1962. It was re-listed to Advanced Aviation Ltd at Kaitaia on 27-09-1962; spent time with Sherwood Aviation and then back to Advanced and was uprated to a 260hp motor by 31-03-1965. It was back with the parent Company, James Aviation on 01-02-1968 and managed to have 300hp on 23-05-1968. It struck its loader at Purua on 29-03-1969 and was also damaged at Kaitaia on 21-01-1970. It was upgraded to Fu24-950M status on 13-07-1972 and was trundled down to Farmers Aerial Top Dressing Ltd of Invercargill from 20-07-1972. On 28-02-1975 it was listed back with James Aviation at Hamilton. Two more incidents occurred: a damaged nose at Ruapuke on 18-09-1976 and it struck a fence on take off at Purua on 04-05-1978.
It went to Langslow Aviation Ltd at Waipukarau on 31-08-1984 and then to R L Elliott (Trading as Eastland Contracts) of Waipukarau on 09-08-1990. Its last flight I believe was in August of 1996 and I believe it then went to Plank Aviation of Palmerston North but because it lacked "paper work" its registration was revoked on 09-09-1998. The next rumour was that it was destined for Wanganui Aero Work to be placed on a plinth but instead became a parts source for other WAW FU24's.
This pic of ZK-CBG was taken at Dannevirke in 1978 or 1979 and was kindly supplied by Allan Wooller.
The top pic was shot at Taieri on 04-03-1974.


  1. Many thanks! I have CBG in storage awaiting a restoration to static display condition and I am always happy to see any images of the aircraft from its long life. Thanks again, you've made my day! - Zac Yates

  2. Hi Zac.
    I thought you may have been "Handbag" because you referred to her as "MY" aircraft !

    You are welcome


  3. not unusual - I don't think any of John Planks aircraft had paper work

  4. Anybody got some pics of ZK CBD was based at Waipuk around 1974-5…? cheers