Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Bargeldo1's view of Wanaka

Bargeldo1 stopped over briefly at Wanaka on Thursday the 17th.
Here are a few of his pics.
 Goodyear FG-1D Corsair ZK-COR (c/n 32823) at rest.
 Bill Day's MBB BO 105 S ZK-HBD5 (c/n S-851)
See previous post on this one at :-
 Robinson R22 Beta ZK-HDI4 (c/n 4409) is listed to Minaret Station but has Alpine Helicopters markings.
 The Bell (Garlick) UH-1L ZK-HUE2 (c/n 6045) is the Central South Island Helicopters Huey over from Herbert.
 YAK 52 ZK-YKA  (c/n 9611907) was one of several down from the North Island.
Aero L-29 ZK-SSU (c/n 395100) Red "64" from Soviet Star Ltd.
What does the "TNT" represent ?


  1. zk yka is now based in queenstown for a few months now

  2. Yep you are correct.
    In a senior moment I had forgotten that.

  3. TNT perhaps as in BOMB