Thursday, 24 April 2014

Odd wheels at Wanaka.

Four shots from Wanaka showing undercarriages in unusual positions.
 DC-3 ZK-AWP on overshoot with gear partially retracted.
See the DC-3 in the Sukhoi video clip link below.
Below is the Corsair ZK-COR just after take off with right gear rotating and folding back.
 Below - Jurgis Kairys puts his wheels up in a different fashion, whilst keeping his eye on the traffic below in the Sukhoi ZK-SUK (c/n 75-01).
See a Wanaka 2014 video clip at this link.
 Below is the P40 ZK-RMH with its gear coming up.
A previous post on this aircraft can be seen at :-

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