Sunday, 27 April 2014

Question time # 168. Proctor ZK-AQK

Like I said - Question time # 168 was easy - leading to this posting.
The cockpit view was from the Percival P.44 Proctor 5 ZK-AQK (c/n Ae.79).
The first note I have on this aircraft is that it was listed to Percival Aircraft Ltd and also to Paulo Periera Ignacio from 04-10-1946 through until 24-09-1947.
The NZ agent L E Clark took it on from 11-12-1947 followed by J R C Killian of Gisborne from 13-05-1948.
Pic below is an early from the Ed Coates collection.
About mid October of 1952 it went to Queenstown for Southern Scenic Air Services Ltd, and eight years later (28-10-1960) to B R R Cragg at Omaka.
Next in line appears to be Central Aviation Ltd of Roxburgh; and then I have a B Wells of Mosgiel.
I believe it was withdrawn from use at Roxburgh in 1965 and its registration was cancelled on 04-06-1966.
Further guardians appear to include Scotts Engineering Ltd in Christchurch, who operated Proctor ZK-AQZ at about this time. It (AQK) was noted as derelict at Woolston in 1972.
Philip Burns of Dunsandel seem to have re-registered on 10-11-1977.
At some point it moved to the Ashburton Aviation Museum and its registration was cancelled on 24-01-1991.
It was at Russell Brodie's Rangitata Island property from 2003 and is photographed below on 20-04-2014 as it was about to be transported back to the Ashburton Aviation Museum.
 ZK-AQK pushed out from its storage space at Rangitata Island with strops already attached for lifting purposes. Its space already partially filled by a Tiger Moth rebuild project.

If you can add to the historical details of this aircraft - feel free to add a comment.


  1. AQK is in the hangar at Ashburton


  2. ZK AQK has had the wings repaired ready to do a trial fitting, the fuse has been repaired almost ready to repaint does anyone know what the original colour was

  3. We had this aircraft in our front yard in woolston ChCh around 1971-73...I have photos of the time I was aged 8-10 yrs old

    1. Can yo post photos of the original colour

  4. I only have a B&W photo...but if I remember right it was white with a blue band...this photo was taken around 1970 at 19 Ashmole st Woolston We also had a wrecked Spitfire sitting in the garage that was damaged at takeoff (tail was smashed up)...and a biplane which I don't remember what that was...I my father was a wheeler dealer in those days


  5. maybe try this...if this doesn't work you can email me at mr_mrs_schutte@hotmail and I can forward the photo to you...I will look to see if I can find the other photo(s)