Sunday, 27 April 2014

Dargavilles current Fletcher ZK-DZM.

Jean210 captured the Fletcher FU24-950 ZK-DZM (c/n 214) at work out of Dargaville on 19-03-2014.
This Fletcher was first registered on 01-12-1975 to New Zealand Aerospace Industries Ltd at Hamilton. Its first flight took place at Hamilton on 21-12-1975.
The photograph below was taken by Allan Wooller a few days later at Masterton in late 1975.
It was officially listed to Air Services (Wairarapa) Ltd of Masterton on 20-01-1976.
 Below - In December 1976, and also from Allan Wooller, we see it lined up with two of its close cousins; now wearing Company script of "Air Services (Wai) Ltd".
 Below : Another year later - In late 1977 - it was spotted at Hamilton by CMM.
On 19-08-1980 it was re-listed to Wairarapa Air Services (1979) Ltd.
 Now Jump ahead to 08-04-2005 and we see it at Feilding, with some vital parts missing, and wearing the "Air Services (1979) Ltd" titles.
On 01-11-2006 it was listed to Super Air Ltd of Hamilton but the paperwork didn't come through until 05-04-2007.
 Hence on 08-02-2007 we see it below at Masterton still with Air Service markings..
 With Super Air script on its fin and its registration letters now moved to its fuselage we see it at Masterton on 18-01-2013. (and a spot of rain on the camera lens).

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