Wednesday 30 December 2015

Vintage Aviator weekend at Masterton.

 Matt Hayes was at Masterton for the recent Vintage Aviator Flying Weekend and has sent in these great photographs to share with you.
 Here we see the Hanriot HD-1 No 75 - also known as ZK-EAY2 (c/n 75).
For more info on this airframe see :-
 Above is the Addems-Pfeifer Nieuport XI No 2123 is ZK-NIM (c/n 101) in the markings of Sgt Alvaro Leonardi of 80A Squadriglia of the Italian Air Service.
The faceis fortunello on the fuselage side is from 'The Happy Hooligan' comic strip of the period and is said to bring good luck.
 Nicely back lit is The Vintage Aviator BE2c Replica 347 - also known as ZK-TVA (c/n 762).
Lastly is the De Havilland DH5 A9242 aka ZK-JOQ2 (c/n A9507).

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