Tuesday 15 December 2015

Who nose ?

A day for Boeing noses.
About six weeks ago I spotted a Boeing nose section on a property along Maddisons Road Weedons, southwest of Christchurch
Today I popped in an was given the OK to photograph said nose.
Alas its identity was not known.
 Below is a view from the other side which shows the Star Alliance symbol behind the cockpit.

Also today - but taken in Upper Riccarton by Bargeldo1 was this Boeing nose section on a trailer.
Different nose.
Same scheme !

Any thoughts ??


  1. United? Pretty sure that those lines and colours are the same as the new United scheme prior to the merger with Continental when they then took the Continental scheme but keep the United name

  2. Someone bringing them in to make flight simulators? there was an outfit in Christchurch doing that a while back?

  3. There is a outfit just of Watts road that is using them to build simulators.