Thursday 17 December 2015

Gyros at Whangarei on 16-12-2015

Jean210 was at Whangarei yesterday (16-12-2015) and photographed these three gyros.
 The Celier Xenon ZK-XJE (c/n CAK 03371S) was first registered to Gyrate NZ Ltd of Mount Maunganui on 29-01-2008. It went to Jared Thomas of Taupo from 31-05-2010 and to the Robinson Family Trust, its current listed owner, from 23-11-2013.
 The Neil Hintz Tandem Dominator ZK-RCE2 (c/n 010) was receiving some technical assistance. First listed with Allan Sheat of Lumsden on 07-04-2005 before transferring to Mark Biddle of Whangarei from 02-09-2013. 
That will be Rusty Russell's very active AutoGyro Europe MT03 Eagle ZK-KIW in the background.
Tony Marsden's Neil Hints Tandem Dominator ZK-RCV (c/n 009) was out aviating.
This one was first noted with Gary McLachlan of Ahipara back in October of 2004. 
Its registration was cancelled in April 2008 but it came back with Tony Marsden of Warkworth from 30-11-2012. 

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