Thursday 3 December 2015

Sneaky Question time # 182 resolved.

I posted the following back on November the 20th.This was in fact a sneaky Question Time posting.



Holiday bliss.

Where else could you take a holiday like this ?
Fishing in the Ahuriri River and hauling in a clump of Didymosphenia geminata ( better known as didymo or rock snot to most of us) and about to be buzzed by the LS3 ZK-GLS on a competition finish - with a suspicious patch of "weed" in the foreground (not that I would know anything about that).
It is in fact all a load of hogswash.
Firstly the glider is not the real ZK-GLS.
It is also not a Rolladen-Schneider LS3 but is an LS6c Model suspended from the ceiling.
The real ZK-GLS is a Schleicher Ka6CR which is still current with John Currie of Rotorua.
That is not me fishing but is actually a large image on the wall of the Marino Cafe at Omarama and you will note in the pic below that the glider is suspended out in front of the picture.
I have adjusted the exposure to show the suspension wires.
Below is the original photo showing the rockery garden in the foreground and a chunk of old fence on the right
Only one person picked up on the falsehood.
Well done CMM.
The chocolate fish is yours.

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