Friday 11 December 2015

Auster ZK-BMD.

Auster designations - A very satisfying study which I am not going to probe particularly deeply here.

Post World War Two Auster were converted to civil using its military number (eg AOP5) to become the model Auster 5. This was often followed by a suffix letter - so we come to the model Auster 5D.

Now the Auster 5D ZK-BMD.
Auster Aircraft Ltd was formed on 08-03-1946 to succeed the Taylorcraft Aeroplanes (England) Ltd. So technically speaking because ZK-BMD was built for the RAF in 1944 it is a Taylorcraft Auster. 
It served with the Royal Air Force as NJ635 from June of 1944 until being placed into storage in 1947.
It was sold into civil hands and became Auster 5 G-ALZM on 31-03-1950 with one Thomas Hatton Marshall who traded under the Christchurch Aero Club name.
It was dismantled at Thruxton and its registration was cancelled in June of 1954
 The modification from Auster AOP5 and Auster 5 to an Auster 5D involved replacing the 130hp Lycoming O-290 with a 130hp Gipsy Major and enlarging the fin and rudder.
It was restored to the UK register on 21-01-1955 with Douglas E Bianchi of Ashford in Middlesex and was sold abroad on 05-08-1955.

It became ZK-BMD on 02-11-1955 listed to Aerial Work (Marlborough) Ltd.
It then had a series of owners in quick succession.
It went down to the South Canterbury Aero Club at Timaru from 27-08-1956 and then to Petersen Aviation in 1958.
Wairarapa and Ruahine Aero Club at Hood had it later in the 50's
Above it is in Wairarapa markings at Stratford 1959 from the Allan Wooller collection.
Below on an unknown date and at an unknown place - from the Allan Wooller collection.
About this time it was hired to National Air Photos.
Next known listing was to Aviation Sales and Services Ltd before going to J H Richardson at Feilding but it was damaged in an incident at (I believe) Homewood on 03-01-1960.
Below a shot taken at Christchurch in the 60's.
And now one below at Paraparaumu on 24-05-1964.
                                    In 1966 NZ Aerosales Ltd of Paraparaumu had it on line.
It then spent a short time with P C Shand of Christchurch (who also had the Tiger ZK-ATI about this time). 
Then J E Pannell of Nelson (who previously had the Auster ZK-AZT) had it until he sold it to Airwork (NZ) Ltd of Christchurch from 06-07-1970.
By 09-06-1971 it was with A C Yates of Rakaia followed by A C Christoffels and J  Van Giels of Timaru from 18-03-1975. It was rebuilt at Timaru using parts from NZ1704, ZK-CHA and ZK-AYP and also had an engine transplant with the Gipsy being replaced with a Lycoming O-320.
                     Below we see Her at Hood/Masterton during 1979 - Pic by Allan Wooller. 
From 30-08-1982 it was with Charlie Ensor and resided in an open hangar on their farm at Glenaan in the Upper Rakaia River valley
Here we have two views of BMD in its Charlie Ensor's hangar at Glenaan, along with many other Auster parts, on 10-11-1986.
Charlie sold it to Nick Kagan of Lowburn (the one down South) on 06-08-1987.
Photo below is at Christchurch on 28-05-1988
It was damaged in an aborted take off in the Waiatoto Valley on 02-08-1988 and then it had a prop strike in the Landsborough Valley on 18-01-1990.
Below we see it at Christchurch again - this time on 27-12-1991.
Next we have two views of it in the hangar at Taieri with its clear panel doors.

With an ownership change to Pam and Bill Marks of Outram listed from 07-06-1992.

Now two views of it at Christchurch on 28-12-98.
Note the way the lower engine cowl has been folded.
I next caught it at Omarama on 28-01-2001.
Next lucky owners were Bob and Eileen Yates of Christchurch from 29-06-2005 and below are two different angles of it at Rangiora.

Finally is a view of it at Rangiora on 01-04-2009.
 In July of 2009 I noted it listed on TradeMe for sale - with ownership changing to Guy Redfern and Fiona Nimmo up Kaikoura on 14-10-2009.
Below it was shot near Rangiora on 25-08-2013.

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