Sunday 13 December 2015

ZK-CIC in its new scheme.

I have only just finished writing up my notes (as you do on a thundery Sunday afternoon) on the registration cancellation of the Airwork/Lifeflight Fairchild SA227-AC Metro ZK-LFT. 
This has gone to Air Chathams at Auckland as a source of spares for their SA227-AC Metro ZK-CIC (c/n AC623B).
Behold - Just arrived in my in box is this neat pic from Darryn Bennett showing the Air Chathams ZK-CIC in its new scheme.
'Everything under the sun'

Check out this NZ Third Level Airline blog post on ZK-CIC.

1 comment:

  1. That must have been bloody quick.
    I photographed it at Auckland International 9.30am yesterday (Saturday) and it was still in the old bland white colours then.