Saturday 26 December 2015

Rangiora Boxing Day pie run.

I did a pie run to Rangiora today but alas there were no pies to be had.
However -
 The Zenith 701 STOL breading hangar was open and four examples were on hand.
Centre stage was ZK-AMC, to the left is ZK-JUG and in the back is ZK-TIA with ZK-SLO to the right.
 Trundling out is the Perry Shepard Czech Sport Cruiser ZK-CZR (c/n 06SC020).
 Piper PA-28-151 Warrior ZK-DBW (c/n 7515223) from the Canterbury Warrior Syndicate was re-registered on 11-12-2015. 
This was previously ZK-TGF preceded by ZK-RJD, ZK-CGD3, ZK-ZEE, ZK-MAI2 and ZK-EBW1.
That must be some sort of a record for ZK marks !
Check out previous notes on this airframe.

The Air New Zealand Sport And Social Club Southern Inc's Cessna A152 ZK-FSL (c/n A1520899) was out and about.

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