Wednesday 23 December 2015


Bargeldo1 sent in these two photographs of Boeing 737-319 N303KH (c/n 25606) as seen at Honolulu on 21-12-2015.
 Above we see N302KH (c/n 27905. No NZ connection) in the foreground with N303KH beyond.
A closer view of N303KH.
This aircraft is ex ZK-NGG.
Check out the MRC site link below:-
 Above a view of ZK-NGG at Rotorua on 31-03-2004.
Above - at Christchurch on 27-01-2015.
Below at Christchurch minus all ANZ markings on 21-05-2015
With its New Zealand registration cancelled on 17-06-2015 it became N303KH on 19-06-2015 listed with Aircraft 25606 LLC of Florida.
It departed Christchurch for Pago Pago and Honolulu on 24-06-2015 and went onto KF Aerospace (formally Kelowna Flightcraft) for freighter conversion.
It has since been relisted to NAS Aircraft Leasing Co LLC of Anchorage, Alaska and is on line with Aloha Air Cargo.

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