Tuesday 15 December 2015

Mount Hutt Helicopters

I had a real quick visit to Mount Hutt Helicopters base near Alford Forest early this afternoon.
In their neat hangar was their latest arrival - the Aerospatiale  AS 350BA ZK-IMK2 (c/n 1213). 
It was first registered in NZ on 01-10-2015.
Below is what NZ Aviation News Mag said about it.
Another Eurocopter arrival is the AS 350BA now listed as ZK-IMK2 with the Kershaw Aviation Group Ltd of Methven. First noted in 1980 as an Aerospatiale AS 350D Astar and registered as F-WZKD it quickly moved to Canada and became C-GRGU with Maple Leaf Helicopters of Kelowna British Columbia before moving on to Kasaan Holdings Ltd, also at Kelowna in September of 1982. By April of 1985 I noted it with Okanagan Helicopters at Richmond BC, now as an AS 350B model. It transferred over to Canadian Helicopters Ltd in September of 1989 before being used briefly in Alaska where it became N7172H with Temsco Helicopters Inc at Ketchikan Alaska. It returned to Canadian Helicopters and was upgraded to BA status in around 1996. 
It was transferred over to the Mount Hutt Helicopters name on 10-11-2015 and carries the script "Operated by Mount Huutt Helicopters 2013 Ltd' along the bottom of the doors, and a large stylised 'BA' on the engine cowling.
Also to be seen was their Aerospatiale AS 350B2 ZK-HDQ2 (c/n 1932) which has been with them since May of 2013.
Also on hand was the Robinson R44 Raven II ZK-IRW (c/n 11696). 
This originally operated as ZK-ISL from 2007 through until February 2012 when it became ZK-ISP. It took up the ZK-IRW marks on 11-09-2012 and joined Mount Hutt Helicopters on 17-01-2014.
The NOTAR ZK-HBC is now up working with Helicopters Hawkes Bay 2006 Ltd.
Thanks to Mount Hutt Helicopters for access to their hangar.

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