Friday 4 December 2015

Ardmore 3-12-2015

Ardmore yesterday provided its usual crop of new and interesting aircraft including the following:

Beech 200 ZK-MFT2 was undergoing engine runs outside Hawker Pacific.  It was registered to Skyline Aviation Ltd of Napier on 20/10/15.

Beech 77 Skipper ZK-SXB has been around since 5/11/12, registered to a Drury owner.

Nanchang CJ 6 ZK-FRU2 now sports a red spinner. It is now Ardmore based with the Nanchang 01 Syndicate.

Steve Chilcott had his Nicollier HN 700 Menestrel II ZK-TBS outside tinkering with the fuel flow settings.

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