Thursday 10 December 2015

HNZ New Zealand at Nelson today.

Two Squirrels sited at Nelson today by Lord Nelson.
 ZK-HBU3 is c/n 2286 and got a mention at :-

Continuing this history.
Helicopters (Australia) Pty Ltd become HNZ Australia Pty Ltd with the helicopter being returned to NZ to take up its old ZK-HBU3 marks on 04-10-2013 with HNZ New Zealand Ltd at Nelson
It did the summer season in the Antarctic leaving Lyttelton on 23-12-2013 and was back in Nelson in mid March only to be cancelled on 27-03-2014 as it was sent over to the parent Company Canadian Helicopters Ltd an became C-FTNZ on 07-04-2014.
As you can see it is now back in Nelson with HNZ New Zealand Ltd as from 21-20-2015.
I suspect another Ice trip is about to take place.
The AS350B ZK-HDB7 is c/n 2518 and was first placed on the NZ register as ZK-HFE2 on 30-08-1991 but went direct to an Helicopters (NZ) Ltd contract in Burma. 
In NZ it was upgraded to a AS350BA from 16-10-1997 and did a trip to the Ice during the 2001/2002 summer for the Italian Antarctic Expedition. 
Back at Nelson it was again upgraded - to a AS350B2 from 18-07-2002 and later that month it was containered out to join Lao Westcoast. 
Its NZ registration was eventually cancelled on 09-06-2005 for it to become PK-UHN with PT. National Utility Helicopters of Jakarta. Its CofA expired on 08-06-2009 and it was returned to Nelson to rejoin the Helicopters (NZ) Ltd fleet from 24-09-2009 as ZK-HDB7 (as its original ZK-HFE registration had been re-allocated to a Bell JetRanger in November of 2006).
Later in 2009 it went off on the 2009/2010 Korean Antarctic Expedition, and in the 2010/2011 summer did another Italian Antarctic Expedition.
It followed the Company changes and was re-listed to Helicopters (NZ) Limited from 07-07-2011 and then to HNZ New Zealand Limited from 30-10-2012.
So is it set from another southern sojourn ?

Thanks to Lord Nelson for the pics.

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