Thursday 3 December 2015

Titan T 51 Mustang ZK-WZY

I was fortunate to be able to arrange to be at Ardmore this afternoon for the roll out of Titan Mustang ZK-WZY from the Pioneer Aero hangar for some taxi tests.  It is a beautifully finished aircraft as you can see in the photos.

I have previously posted about this aircraft a couple of times, the most recent being on 12 August, just before I left for overseas. (see ).   In a bit of perfect timing ZK-WZY received its CAA paperwork approval earlier this week, only a week or so after I returned to New Zealand.

ZK-WZY (c/n 0076) was registered to Paul McSweeny (of Pioneer Aero) on 21/7/15.  However the aircraft was built by Pioneer Aero for an Australian owner: David S Lane.  I understand it may be registered in Australia as VH-YNZ, but it will undertake extensive flying in New Zealand before being shipped to Oz.

The aircraft is named "Miss Marguerite" with a personalised marking of "Lane's Victory".  The colour scheme of ZK-WZY is fictional and the detailed touches are very authentically done.

Test pilot Gavin Trethewey carried out some taxi tests today.  The first flight of ZK-WZY is expected next week.


  1. The paint scheme is the 78th Fighter Sq. that was based in Duxford during World War 2. I believe the aircraft is named Miss Marguerite after the pilot's wife and also Lane Victory after the pilot. It was common during the war that aircraft carried 2 names - one by the pilot and one by the ground crew. The Australian registration is VH- NZY.


  3. The aircraft is equipped with a Honda V6 2.6 liter 245 HP engine and a CSU 4 blade prop.

  4. Great work everyone looks great and nicely finished - Am I seeing correctly has this got inner gear doors?

  5. Nice to see your comment Greg. Can you contact me on Thanks.