Tuesday 24 April 2012

Best of British at Ardmore 21/4/12

Heading back from Mercer required a trip to Ardmore (as you do), where a nice surprise was Doug Brookers Spitfire out flying and the Avspecs hangar open.

Spitfire Mark IX ZK-WDQ on roll-out.  Sounds impressive.

At Avspecs was the Mark XIV Spitfire ZK-XIV with that humungous Rolls Royce Griffon engine up front.  It still has the broken canopy, I presume from Sir Tim Wallis's crash on 2/1/96.

And the amazing Mosquito continues to make great progress.  Both engines are installed and as you can see in the foreground the impressive undercarriage is also in place.  In fact the whole aircraft is impressive!

I understand that although no completion date has been stated, there is a special flying display scheduled for September 2012 at Ardmore with aviation people coming from all over the world, and that it will be something that no-one interested in aircraft will want to miss.  Watch this space!

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